Friday, 26 March 2010

Casting Days

I'm going to put up a Polaroid a day from castings as I don't have the time to load them all up in one go as it will take ages. Now that Polaroid 600 film is such a pain to get hold of i've started using my McDonalds film. This was apparently produced especially for McDonalds for them to do their Employee Of The Month images. Not sure if thats 100% true but it's plausable as the packaging is plain has no McDonalds logo on there. I picked it up for a £1 a pack at a car boot sale which must be the deal of the decade. The only info I can find on the film is via a Flickr Page

Toilet Graffiti

Saw this handy work when I was in Mc Donalds. Odd place to scribble what with it being a toilet and not very hygienic one would imagine!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Polaroid Grid Film

Thanks to super assistant Danny I got to try some Polaroid Grid Film during a shoot. Not seen it in action before and lover the ref lines. What do you think readers? Shame it's rarer than rocking horse shit these days!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Snaps Of Paps- Patrick Lichfield 3

He likes his portraits of himself doesn't he? I'm on the hunt for more snaps of paps so if you find any please email them to me: Cheers!

Lizzie Shoot

SHoot with Lizzie- Not sure what she's recording as but will post link as soon as I find out!