Wednesday, 9 April 2014

David Hockney: Style Icon

Now I’m not one to normally write on my Blog. I much prefer to just post photos. But, after being told a couple of times that I should write more I've decided to do so. They say write about what you know so I’m going to start with my style icon and hero David Hockney. I’m not going to dwell on his art and I’m a huge fan of all of his work- His stage design work and polaroids especially. and of course his iconic “A Bigger Splash" Is some of my favourite pieces of his. However what I want to talk about is his dress sense. Although it’s fairly easy for men to dress well It is harder to introduce colour into your wardrobe without looking like a tool. David Hockney has always managed to introduce colour into his outfits without looking like a clown. When he first found success there was a period where his outfits went a little crazy but even then he still looked great. My favourite period of his was his L.A. phase where he’d mix pastel jumpers with beige chinos. Even now in his later years he still offsets tweed jackets with bright primary coloured scarves and jumpers which is a great look for the older smarter man. He’s certainly someone to take inspiration when buying clothes as it’s far too easy for men to play it safe and dress head to toe navy/black. Don’t be afraid of Colour.

My First Fashion Test

Going through my old Polaroid Scrap Book I found shots from my very first fashion test. Wish I could remember the model's name (I think she was at Models One). This was when I still shot professionally on film- This shoot was done on a Mamiya 645) and shot on Kodak 160 NC medium Format film. How times have changed!