Monday, 11 November 2013

Advert for Epson

Recent Advert for Epson Printers. I saw this in a magazine so will keep my eye out for more!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Stark Dallas Reloaded at The Rose Lipman Building

Last night I caught the preview of Stark Dallas Reloaded over at The Rose Lipman Building. If you're a fan of Dallas, Line Dancing or Men in Cocktail Dresses and Huge Hair it's well worth checking out. It's running Sunday. Stark Dallas Reloaded, Created by and Starring: Jonny Woo, Timberlina and David Mills is a 1980’S Texas sized glamour drama // Soap opera pastiche returns to London’s east for a limited time only! It’s shoulder-pads at high noon as Sue Ellen, JR Ewing & Pamela Barnes Ewing invite you to a Barn Dance // Battle Royale in De Beauvoir Town – Southfork style. Come grab a hot dog and cosy up on a hay bale as London’s cult classic comes to the Mill Co. Project at The Rose Lipman Building for a unique re-take on the classic TV phenomenon- now with bigger wigs, bigger guns and bigger bitch fights. Topped and tailed with a knee slapping, line-dancing hootenanny orchestrated by DJ Hey Baylen – host of the weekly country hoedown throwdown, Red Necks at ManBar. Familiar backstabbing, drunken fumblings, hairspray and humiliation! STARK DALLAS RELOADED is one dramatic climax after another as JR, Sue Ellen and Pamela plot and scheme against one another for control of Southfork Ranch and Ewing oil. Video Info & Tickets