Friday, 29 August 2008

Polaroid Project

As some of you may know i've undertaken a personal project to photograph everyone one I know and work with. I'm now up to 150. The plan is to put them all in a huge antique frame randomly to create a rouges gallery for my hallway. Below is a small selection. Eventually i will post them all on my flkr account but it's a real task to do them all in one sitting- Just look above to see how many there are so far!
 By the way if anyone reading this wants to be included and feels i know them well enough, get in touch!


Pebelle said...

Looks great, love it.
Just got a bunch of polaroid-films myself, but the are out of date so I hope it still works. If yes, you'll see the results on my blog.

worldofhorsebones said...

It should still work. Colours might be off but may look cool. I have used film from 1991 and it looked very blue but suited the subject. Show me them however they turn out! x