Monday, 5 July 2010

Splatterhouse/Metal Hammer 2010

Hello! These are some images from a job I did for the makers of new computer game SPLATTERHOUSE who held a metal gig on their own boat across the Thames. it was metal Tastic. Bands such as HELL YEAH entertained the devil symbol giving crowd. After that we were at the O2 Arena for the METAL HAMMER AWARDS where artists such as AIRBOURNE TONY IOMMI and JOE PERRY performed or excepted awards. As I know nothing about Hard Rock, Thrash or whatever was on that night a thank you must go out to my friend Robin of the band DAYWALKERS for his fountain of knowledge on all things heavy and fret board related. It was just a shame I didn't get a chance to get him a signed picture of his favourite band who I photographed, STEEL PANTHERS. Next time my friend, next time!


Daniel Cheetham said...

bet you stood out from the crowd man.

worldofhorsebones said...

WIth my skinny jeans and polo top I looked like an Emo's cool dad.