Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Class of 88 Book

My good friend Wayne Anthony has a new Kindle Edition version of his book Class of 88 out. Here's the press release about it and links to the book!

Class of 88 - The True Acid House Experience (Special Edition)
Kindle Version Out Now!

Wayne Anthony was amongst the first generation of people to experiment with MDMA
(ecstasy) in Spain 1987. It wouldn't be long before Wayne and a host of colourful
individuals were staging the biggest illegal warehouse parties in the history of Great
Britain. What began as small covert after-parties soon developed into full-scale
extravaganzas as the Summer of Love engulfed the United Kingdom. Thousands of
people are accredited for the global expansion of what today is commonly called The
Rave Scene but only a few can be deemed its pioneers.

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